Corporation “Vityaz-Service” – the only company in Russia, which was established with the participation of International Bodyguards Association (International Bodyguard Association) and is a subdivision of International Bodyguards Security (International Bodyguard Service).
The Corporation was established in 2003 by former employees of anti-terror special forces and is developing steadily to the profiling market.

The Corporation offers:

  • Large range of training programs to train specialists and anti counter terrorism, counter-piracy program
  • Preparation and training of bodyguards
  • Security measures
  • Safety and security measures for the VIP.
  • Protection of objects of all forms of ownership by qualified personnel.
  • Ensuring the safety and security of objects of different complexity, meaning and purpose (category A, B, C).
  • Taken under protection to CMS (central monitoring).
  • Installing CCTV (from low-budget systems to the systems of professional level).
  • Assistance in support of cargoes, tuples, and a private plane
  • Technical solutions security and protection, and combating different threats
  • The set of measures for the identification, protection and counter technical intelligence assets
  • Analyzes the risks and threats to our customers.